Wild Voices

People who have not encountered valid expressions of the ministry of prophet have a wide array of responses to the concept of prophecy in the church today. Some people have had no interactions at all, some have had bad experiences, and some have misjudged real encounters.

By the time any consensus had happened among church leaders regarding what should be considered “Scripture” (a few centuries after the ink on the original documents had dried), there still was nothing written there that indicated that the Lord of the church had stopped giving people prophetic ministries. Even today, there is no Scripture that says the work of the prophets is done.

Some prophets, like any other category of ministry worker, are immature. Some are worse than that. Some dress weird, talk weird, or act weird. Some are just mean.

The last prophet of the old order was John, who baptized people to prepare them for the Kingdom ministry that followed his. Jesus said that he was the greatest man born of a woman. He called him “a voice in the wilderness.” He added though, that even the least in the Kingdom was greater than John (Luke 7:24-30).

He wore clothes that were made of the hair of camels, and ate weird stuff. If the greatest prophet ever born up to the year 29AD stepped into one of our Sunday morning meetings, what would our response be? Like the Pharisees in Luke 7:30? Would we be any more likely to recognize a prophet in the new order of prophets?

The Spirit of God knows, and wants to help us know. Ask Him what He’s up to when you are wondering whether someone is really a prophet. Ask Him why you don’t see any prophets if you don’t. Pray for any that aren’t doing a good job yet.