Talking About the Kingdom

Preaching obedience to all of His commandments is one of His commandments. One of the most life-impacting, life-changing and life-giving concepts we are given the privilege of sharing as good news is this truth: that being where the King has instructed us to be, doing what He has instructed us to do, puts us in the place where His protection and provision and supporting relationships and destined opportunities are to be found.

Nothing can separate us from His love, but almost anything could become a separating factor or influence hindering us from fulfilling our purposes. The reasons include the fact that all we need has been placed where we need it in order to use it in the work we have been assigned. If we are in a different place, it has no need to be moved to the place where we are. It still needs to be in the place where the work should be done.

An example of this concept is presented to us in the story of Jonah’s ship trip. He did not experience Yahweh’s provision and protection when he went to sea. Instead, he was apprehended with severe discomfort and faced the real danger of death.

Almost everyone in the New Testament writings had something to preach about the Kingdom. What do we have to say about the Kingdom, and how often is it on our lips?