New Vinedressers

Jesus told a parable (Mark 12:1-12) about a landowner and a vineyard that he leased to some vinedressers. These tenant farmers tried to take the farm for themselves, but Jesus said that it was going to be taken from them and given to other vineyard keepers. The chief priests, the scribes, and the elders knew that He was telling the parable about them, but their response was to proceed to bring the story to life by killing the land Owner’s Son, not by repenting.

A change in management is coming soon in the ministries of prophet and teacher in the Church. Teachers will be appearing soon who are able to discern two very important things. One is that they should stop looking for information about the Church in the parables that Jesus taught, and look instead for revelation about the Kingdom. They will at last realize that He usually started them with the phrase, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like…” because He was teaching about the Kingdom of Heaven, not the family of the King of Heaven.

The second thing they will realize is that previous teacher-invented products like the “Left Behind Series,” and “Prophecy Conferences,” even though they have generated much revenue and hype, have done nothing but distract the Church from the ministry of invading the earth with manifestations of the Kingdom. This second revelation will include the acknowledgement that teachers don’t get interpretation of prophecies; prophets do.

As they step aside from trying to tend to that work, and encourage their brothers and sisters who are prophets to begin doing it, prophets will become proficient at interpreting current events in light of words that are proceeding from the mouth of the King, and by revelation that brings light to Scriptural prophecies. Prophets will lead their coworkers in many areas of influence – not just the Church. Just as Daniel and Joseph were installed in governments to lead prophetically, this new group of tenants will lead in any office or business they are called to.

Pray for it. Look for it. Fan its flame when you begin to see it.