Influenced by the Future

James advised some people in his letter not to presume what their tomorrows would bring to them (James 4:13-15). If we don’t base our decisions about what we do in our todays on what we hope will be tomorrow’s fruit from today’s labor, how can we make wise choices about what we do?

I find that a very different way I perceive things from the way most people related to the Church perceive them is that most people are more interested in the past and the afterlife than their futures in this life, and for me it is the opposite. Most people who want change want “revival,” which is the return of something that has died. I am looking for the birth of something new.

I know that some are called to build, and others are called to maintain what has been built. I am also convinced that no one is called to sit in the desert and gaze at the “ebenezers” that we have raised at times in the past when we have been visited by Yahweh (1 Samuel 7:12).

What is your future doing to influence how you spend today? What do you need to prepare for? What do you need to pray will be ready for you when you need it at the next step of your ministry?

As James implied, don’t presume that you know everything about the future. I am suggesting that you neither presume that all of what you need in order to succeed in your future will happen without your devoted engagement and your requests that the King of Heaven would influence earth and Heaven on your behalf.

Ask. Seek. Knock. Be awesome!