Angels Seeing You

Angels who have seen the awesome glory of their Creator, with no veil to shield them, not needing it because they have no earthly flesh from an ancestor like Adam, have seen much!

They have seen more than John saw in the Revelation of Jesus that he received. Some of that was shown to him by angels. They have seen judgement after a great war in Heaven. They have known the positions of authority given to some of them over places in Heaven and places in Earth – powers, principalities, world rulerships.

It must have been an incomprehensible mystery to them to see, after centuries of observing humanity, their Master become a human. Having seen, with a few surprising exceptions, nothing but failure and misery and ungodliness in humans, they watched as their God became one. Then, seeing Him be despised and spit upon and beaten, by the humans He joined in their misery, for their sake, must have made their mouths gape open in astonishment.

Now, His servants see us. They see His sons and daughters. They see, in human frailty and failure, the spirits who were given birth by the Holy One. The One Who overcame in the earth. They see a tide of change – sometimes sweeping, sometimes creeping – spreading through the earth to create a new race of humans. Sons and daughters of the King of Heaven and Earth.

Father, make us able to see at least what your spirit servants see – to recognize the Life of our Father in our brothers and sisters. Make us able to honor You as we honor each other. Make us able to discern Jesus as we receive each other in love.