Yahweh, Rapha

In Exodus 15:22-26, Moses reported his interactions with Yahweh over drinking water for the nation of Israel. Yahweh spoke to him a promise for any Israeli who would obey Him, do what is right in His eyes, pay attention to His commands, and keep all His statutes; for these, He would not inflict any of the sicknesses that He had caused the Egyptians to suffer. Instead, He would be their Healer (“Yahweh-Rapha”).

Jesus continued the work of healing in the earth. Many places where He visited, the writers who recorded the events pointed out that He healed all those present who were sick. Some of the healings were related to demons, who were cast out in the process.

I have discussed supernatural healing with many people. Some are convinced that we now have natural means of healing bodies and do not need supernatural means any longer. Some of the cures we have happened upon are as deadly as the sicknesses they are used to try to heal. Any drug advertisement includes warnings of side effects, many times including the same symptoms as the disease they claim they may cure. Sicknesses caused by demons were simply figments of Jesus having a primitive world-view.

Very little of what modern medicine offers either humans or animals is of a quality or reliability that compares well with the possibilities presented by a supernatural alternative. Not much of what is sold by the healthcare industry (which is the largest source of business revenue in the US) brings much glory to Yahweh Rapha.

Being healed by the name Jesus does. See Acts 3:16.