Surrendered to Rules or Ruler

I have seen many Native American descendants in and around the area where I live who have been influenced by Christians to believe that what pleases Yahweh is obedience to the laws He gave Israel through Moses. It is heart breaking to see some who won’t have anything to do with the Church because they believe that the legalism is right, but they don’t want it. It is very difficult for them to be convinced that He calls His family members righteous without regard for what the ten commandments might condemn them to.

At the other end of this spectrum is a mindset that Christians are only responsible for trying to be nice most of the time, and generous (at least during Christmas.) We don’t really have any particular requirements over our lives unless we have the misfortune of sensing that we have been “called to the ministry” by the Lord.

I trust that the center of this narrow road with broad shoulders is the idea that is in the mind of the King: that He is the Lord of Heaven and Earth; that the Earth is His, and all who dwell in it; that one day every person will stand before Him when He sits for the first time as Judge of all that He has created, and all that He has redeemed.

It seems clear in the Book and in the Spirit that He desires (demands) absolute surrender to His intentions in every life. When we agree, He makes it become possible to surrender at that level.

Are you still holding on to some part of your life that you want to control? Any possessions that you don’t consider His, on loan to you? When we are all dead, He is the One Who will have all the belongings. Trusting Him with them now will make them assets now and later.