Retirement Plans

Somewhere between 20 % and two thirds of Americans’ retirement plans include hoping to win a lottery, depending on who’s poll you trust. 21% of Americans polled believed that buying lottery tickets is a valid wealth building strategy. Current spending on lottery tickets is $62 billion annually. Some people call this industry, especially the portions of it that are government-sponsored, a tax on the poor.

For millennia, the earth has been filled with profoundly rich and desperately poor humans. The only answer to the situation that can bring improvement is the Kingdom of God. Socialists have a plan for wealth distribution that includes Robin Hood’s economic strategy. It is their version of the Kingdom, minus the King.

Only supernatural generosity and mercy can manifest the process of taking people from every culture and walk of life and bringing them into their destinies. As individual believers interact with people who need salvation and the practical necessities Jesus listed in Matthew 25, their need to be set in Family and receive God’s provision will be met.

As people seek the Kingdom of Heaven and the righteousness of Jesus, all their needs will be met.