Beware the People of Keilah

In 1 Samuel 23:1-14, the story is related of Yahweh instructing David and his 400 man army to go to a village called Keilah, to save them from Philistia. They were obedient, and they delivered the people of Keilah from the Philistines.

When Saul heard that David was in Keilah, he sent all the soldiers he could gather to kill David. David inquired of Yahweh whether it was safe to stay in the walled city. His response was that the people would hand David over to Saul. My guess is that Yahweh knew before He sent David to protect them that they would have a greater fear of Saul than a desire to bless David, but He still sent His servant to bless them.

That is typical of the sacrifice He made of His Son as a Servant. The difference develops when David was allowed to leave, but Jesus was required to stay and be tortured to death. Even for the sake of those who were sent by the same spirit that ruled Saul, believing that they could destroy Him, because He was a threat to their rule.

Don’t expect everyone you bless to appreciate it. Don’t expect to be honored by the people your God calls you to serve. Serve Him. Bless Him. Be honored by Him (Psalm 91:14-16.)