Your Weapons

We are people of faith. I don’t mean that in a cliche way. I mean that our Creator made us so that faith is always at work in us. This design becomes a problem for us when our faith is in our enemies’ strengths instead of our God’s.

The description of our weaponry Paul wrote in a letter to the churches in Ephesus pictured faith as a shield. The weapons most powerful against our faith are doubt and fear. They work together. Fear can cause doubt and doubt can cause fear.

Anytime you sense either doubt or fear, let that sense be like the smell of smoke. Look for the fire, and put it out. Answer it with confidence in your Lord’s love for you. Answer it with Scripture. Ask Him for the fruit of His Spirit, so that fear and doubt lose their power.

The answer to every attack, the advice for every opportunity, the access to wisdom and revelation are all just outside the doors we call the fruit of His Spirit. Open them wide and invite Him to invade your heart and mind and soul and strength.