Working With Angels

By the Sheep Gate in Jerusalem there is a pool, called Bethesda in Hebrew, which has five colonnades. Within these lay a multitude of the sick—blind, lame, and paralyzed [—waiting for the moving of the water, because an angel would go down into the pool from time to time and stir up the water. Then the first one who got in after the water was stirred up recovered from whatever ailment he had].
(John 5:2-4 Holman Christian Standard Bible®©)

How little we know yet about how to co-labor with Heavenly beings. The text above from John’s testimony says that an angel would heal people. It isn’t even clear if it was the same angel each time. The rest of this story was that a man didn’t have to wait for an angel to show up that day, because Jesus showed up instead, and healed him.

Do not be afraid to ask the Spirit what He wants to do through “even us.” Each of us has important work to do in the earth – work that can only be accomplished as “strength is perfected in weakness” – as He does things through us. Some of what we are here to do can only happen as we work together. Some will only be real-ized as we learn to work together with servants of God who are not human.

Be bold. Ask. Be awesome.