Manifesting the Kingdom

In 1975, Bill Bright and Loren Cunningham, both leaders of international ministries committed to evangelism and discipleship, individually received revelation on a day before they were planning to meet for lunch. They each felt that they should share the idea they had received with the other.

The idea was that there are seven “mind molders” (Cunningham) or “world kingdoms” (Bright) which create cultures in the earth, and which need to be taken under the influence of Jesus in order to bring the harvest of nations to Him.

In 2000, Lance Wallnau heard the story from Loren Cunningham. He felt that the Spirit told him that the seven influential forces were “mountains” that should be invaded by believers who are under the influence of the Spirit of Jesus, so that they influence the cultures of the earth with the power of His Kingdom. He calls those mountains Religion, Families, Education, Government, Media / Arts, Science / Technology, and Business.

He suggests that there are four strategic paths that could be pursued to take leadership of the mountains:

  1. The Church preaches the Gospel, but is separated from Culture:
    1. Church + Gospel – Culture = Fundamentalism
  2. The Church gathers for Social Causes, but not preaching Gospel:
    1. Church – Gospel + Culture = Liberalism
  3. Gospel is preached, Culture embraced, but not by the Church:
    1. Gospel + Culture – Church = Parachurch
  4. All three are aligned:
    1. Church + Gospel + Culture = Kingdom

When we become more interested in revealing the Love and the Authority of Jesus than we are in being honored by societies, we will become powerful influencers of societies. Your work as a citizen of Heaven probably fits into one of the mountains. Be led to manifest the King in it. I expect that the influence Daniel had in his culture included the documents that led some star gazers to understand that a King had been born in Israel Who was worthy to be worshiped.

(Invading Babylon – The Seven Mountain Mandate; © Lance Wallnau; Destiny Image Publishers; 800-722-6774)