Is Baptism Required?

Here are a few denominational descriptions of baptism:

Baptist: It is not entirely necessary for salvation. By immersion only. Baptisms of other churches accepted if done by immersion. Infants are not baptized. Candidates must first believe.

Roman: By pouring, sprinkling or immersion. Baptisms of other churches accepted when performed as Catholic Church prescribes. Necessary for salvation. Infants are baptized.

Eastern: By immersion for the remission of sins and entrance into church. Essential to salvation. Must be performed by one holding proper priesthood authority. Required of all 8 years & older. Infants are not baptized.

Methodist: By sprinkling, pouring, or immersion. Is only an outward sign of one’s entrance into the church.  Baptisms of other churches accepted. Not necessary to salvation. Infants are baptized.

A few questions I have:

  • If baptism is symbolic, what does being baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire by Jesus really accomplish?
  • If it has to be done by ordained clergy, who was doing it before there were any ordained clergy?
  • If it really does change something to be baptized as a believer, what does it change?

An extensive study on baptism is on Page 2 of my website: Being Baptized.