Healing Death’s Sting

The earth has been wounded with an injury to the death. It is floundering in the pain of being both poisoned and neglected. It groans for relief.

It is not, however, looking to its Creator for redemption from death. It is looking to you and I. Not with hopes that we will become better stewards, or with hopes that our greenhouse gasses will show improvement, but that we would make visible and effective our relationships with the King.

I am convinced that most of the trash on the roads around me was tossed there by people who have never owned anything. Some renters have little respect for or commitment toward the protection of things that do not belong to them. If the current rental property becomes ruined, they move on to the next property owner to attend to their needs.

When we manifest our family connections with the Owner of the cosmos, the earth will of course begin to experience His influence through us as her managers. Spiritual and physical improvements will bear righteous fruit, like the presence of the ark of the covenant blessed Obed-Edom’s property.

Click to read Romans 8:14-25.