Created Again

Being “born again” has been talked about quite a bit in the last few decades. Being “created again” – maybe that’s worth talking about a bit…

Rest is built into the design Yahweh revealed to Israel when He gave them laws to make them a nation. Over 14% of their lives should be spent resting, according to Him: one day every week, and extra days beyond that at times.

Some religious people have wanted to control what everybody else did during their rest time through the years. No fishing, no football, no golf, for example. Even the public departments of parks and recreation have better ideas than that, I think. They call what you do in their environments, “re-creation.” In the 14th century, the term was originally used to describe bringing sick people back to health.

REcreation can include lots of very different activities, I think; from taking a nap to camping to competing in games. Resting from responsibility and labor is good for us at many levels. Yahweh knew.