Your Work

In the Kingdom of Heaven, the only secular work is something you have chosen to do yourself. When you find what work the King has chosen you for, you will find that it requires a Spiritual gift, that He makes it supernaturally easy, and that doing it gives you life. His yoke is easy and His burden is light when you find Him ordaining your ministry assignment.

Cyrus, the emperor of Persia, was chosen by Yahweh for the work of emperor before he was born. When he began to succeed at the work, he had not yet met the God Who empowered him to success. The purpose of Yahweh’s ordination to the ministry (service) of being emperor was that by being successful, Cyrus would participate in spreading Yahweh’s fame as the One True God throughout the whole earth. (Isaiah 45)

If your work is not giving you life, you are in the wrong line of work. You may have two categories of work – one that generates the income you provide for your household with, and one that brings life by the service to Yahweh it performs. You may find your financial provision through the work that amounts to your ministry.

If you are not finding somewhere in your life the place of service to the King that gives you opportunity to do the works of pastor or teacher or administrator or some Spiritual gift-empowered ministry, you are not where you should be. Seek the Lord for what He wants to burden you with in the earth: what troubles you the most? what excites you the most? Use these answers as clues in the search.

From this place of receiving His burden, seek Him for a yoke that can connect you to that burden and move it so that some part of the earth is different in some way because you manifest Jesus in it. He is the Evangelist and the Apostle and the Helper and the Teacher and the True SourceĀ  of every other work in His Kingdom.

He wants to employ you in His service just as He did Cyrus and Moses and Paul and all of the unnamed saints through the ages who have obeyed Him and brought Him the glory that He ordained them to bring.