What are You Praying?

In chapter 5 of Mark‘s stories, he related the events of the day trip to the Gadarenes area. There, they met the demoniac and pig herders. After destroying the herd of pigs, they met the townspeople who came out to check on the reports of the herdsmen.

The demons knew Jesus already, and prayed to Him that He would let them leave the man they had been tormenting and enter the herd of pigs.

The locals all prayed to Jesus that He would leave their community.

The man who had been possessed prayed to Jesus that He would take him with Him.

The demons got what they asked for. The stupid villagers got what they asked for. The guy who didn’t get what he asked for was the new disciple. He wanted to go with Jesus, but Jesus sent him on a missionary journey. Everyone he told his story to was amazed, and he was traveling around in 10 nearby towns spreading it.

Ask Jesus what to ask for before you ask Him. Like Esther, who was going to have an audience with the King sought advice from the eunuch about what the King would like when she was given access to the jewelry and clothing in the royal treasury, you need clues if you are going to have a successful encounter with the King.

Ask the Spirit how to pray (Romans 8:28).