Totally Surrendered

The place most safe and blessed, the position most protected and provided for, is the place of being completely surrendered to the ownership and leadership of the King of kings. The sphere where His lovingkindness rules is a place of life and peace and joy in His Spirit.

The Kingdom of Jesus is that place Рit is the place where He is obeyed. The more clear we are on what He desires for us and of us, and the more our minds and hearts and imaginations and actions are submitted  to those desires, the greater our lives will be.

We won’t exist above challenge or danger or temptation, but we will be freed to decide to accept His blessing in those places, turning them into encounters with Him. Being in that proximity to Him is the power that transforms us in very recognizable ways into being clearly His family members .

Read Psalm 91. Even better, enjoy memorizing it.