The Savior’s Heirs

Hebrews 1:14 is in the section of the letter to the Hebrews that compares Jesus to angels. The letter exposes, in subject after subject, that everything that the Jews held valuable is superseded in value by the Person and the works of Jesus. The priesthood, the sacrifice, the angels, etc.

“Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?”

Based on the Greek words used in this question, it could be paraphrased in the form of a declaration about some of Yahweh’s heavenly spirits: “His messengers are priestly, liturgical spirits, and they have been given apostolic missions of being servants to the people who have been given an inheritance of deliverance by the fact that their Savior died.”

When a friend gets annoyed with me because I don’t place enough value on finding answers about how some things in the universe work, or what some mysteries mean, it is normally because I am not making a connection between that mystery and my mission. I don’t try to stop them from seeking answers that the Spirit may be leading them to search out, but I also don’t go seeking the answers just because the answers haven’t been found yet.

When answers to a mystery could help me fulfil my mission, however, I want to find all of them. There are some people who don’t need to know more about angels and how to interact with them. I don’t recommend that they look deeper into that revelation.

I do suggest that if you are one of the people to whom the Spirit of the Lord would like to reveal information that the Church will need in the coming days about how to bless angels with greater power to bless us, that you ask with much faith for that revelation to be made clear to you. Knock until the door is opened to you. Seek the answers like some lives will depend on obtaining them. I believe that they will.

If you don’t know if you are one of that company of believers, start with that question. Expect to be answered.