The Next Change

In Mark 10:17-30, the story is related of Jesus encountering a ruler who was young and rich. He approached Jesus with a question. He knelt before Jesus when he asked it. “What must I do to inherit eternal life?

Jesus responded to his request by first loving him, and then answering him. “Go, sell all of your possessions, give the money to the poor, and you will have riches in Heaven. Then, come, and follow Me.”

It is critical to note that Jesus was not instructing the young man on how to go to heaven when he died. His answer was explained to the disciples – the young man left before he heard the details: it is hard to enter the Kingdom if you are wealthy. He wasn’t talking about getting to Paradise. He was talking about stepping into the supernatural places in the earth or the rest of creation where the King’s power is manifested because the King’s instructions are obeyed.

He told the young man, “One thing you lack…” He says that to us repeatedly as we move forward to enter the Kingdom. “You lack patience…” “You lack honesty…” “You lack freedom from fear…”

When we allow the Holy Spirit to drive us into the desert where we are following Jesus and facing enemies who force us to need patience or honesty or faith or agape, we overcome those “lacks” by having our minds renewed. We enter the Kingdom. We then progress in the King’s domain. We then lead others into His love and service.

If He has not pointed out lately one more thing that you lack, be brave and kneel down and ask Him what’s next.