Simple Gospel

I expect to soon be called on to pray with a 5 year old child regarding some trauma its family has subjected it to. While praying about what to pray, I started to also wonder how to include the child in the prayer.

How can I communicate to the child that we are going to talk to Yahweh? How to describe the love and the power of Jesus? How to communicate good and evil and healing and freedom?

It made me laugh when I was encouraged by remembering how much children can handle of invisible and impossible and lack of detail or rationale. I thought of how well they accept the lies we insult them with regarding equinox rabbits and solstice reindeer and the many stupidities we relate to the day before November 1 (All Saints Day).

If they can thrive in all of that trash, they should really do well when we honor them by telling them the truth about Jesus and teach them to talk to Him and listen to Him.