Going to Heaven

I feel as though I am about 40 years late doing the things that I believe I am in the earth to accomplish. Among other reasons, this sense that I have not really entered into my destiny here yet makes me pretty annoyed when the church around me is singing songs like “Precious Lord” – asking for permission to leave the work in the field unfinished and go to Heaven for the eternal picnic on the streets of gold.

Most of the songs written by the church in the ’30s through the ’50s were about going to Heaven. Much of what was written in the ’80s and ’90s was worship. Some was about the harvest – the unbelievers we have the privilege of offering good news to about salvation and the Kingdom of Heaven. Our songs declare our hearts – we sing about what we treasure.

The more our minds are set on manifesting the culture and power and persons of Heaven in the earth, the more successful we will be at populating Heaven with converts. The more we are whining about wanting to leave the harvest ripening in the field and spend the “afternoon” of the ages in a rocking chair instead of in the heat of the workplace, the less likely we are to be successful at bringing the Lord of the Harvest the nations.

They are an offering that He deserves. They are worth His life to Him. They need to be very valuable to us. They need to be brought to Him.