Your Faith

In the 10th chapter of Mark’s Good News, he recorded Jesus’ making a trip through Jericho. On His way out of town, Jesus heard a blind man calling out to Him for mercy. He stopped and invited the man to come to Him.

When Jesus was walking on the water to the disciples’ boat in Matthew 14, Peter asked for permission to join Him. Jesus replied, “Come!” In this case, and with Bartimaeus, Jesus invited them to come to Him. When they did, their faiths became effective.

Jesus is to us a High Priest, in the order of Melchizedek, which means that He is a Priest Who sits on a throne as a King. He is constantly inviting us to come to Him, and to come boldly, as the writer of Hebrews said in the last few verses of chapter 4. We should expect the Priest Who loves us so much that He became the only sufficient Sacrifice for us to receive us happily – asking us what it is that we want Him to do for us, just as He did to Bartimaeus.

Go to Him with the faith you can find, and declare your needs and desires to Him. Be encouraged, that as He said to Peter after he had walked a few steps on the water, it doesn’t take much faith to step into the impossible when we are asking Jesus to make it possible. Place your courage in His love for you.