Low Visibility Warning

Part of the daily weather report is the meteorologists’ estimation of atmospheric visibility hindrances. They offer their perspective in miles.

Jesus told Nicodemus that a person has to be born a second time before they can see the Kingdom of God (John 3:3). He merely described it as a prerequisite – He didn’t offer it as a guarantee – to be able to see the Kingdom. I can be born from above and still not have attention pointed in the direction of the Kingdom, and therefore miss seeing it. I can walk in so much doubt or fear that it is not possible to see God’s reigning actions over my circumstances or over governments or groups of people.

Some things that can hinder the conditions of visibility are:

  • Fear
  • Pride
  • Lusts for physical comfort
  • Doubting Yahweh’s love
  • Doubting Yahweh’s intentions
  • Doubting Yahweh’s character
  • Ignorance of Yahweh’s actions
  • Ignorance of Yahweh’s statements
  • Believing evil reports from unbelievers

Some eye openers are:

  • Knowing Yahweh
  • Knowing Yahweh’s words
  • Knowing our destinies

Our trip through the hard places of life is designed to increase our ability to see by giving us opportunities that are designed to increase these three valuable assets. Embrace them. Look for the Kingdom and His righteousness.