The Word of the Lord

Recently, we looked at the impact the “word of the Lord” had on Samuel at various points of his life and work. The more he interacted with and submitted himself to the word of the Lord, the more he advanced in revelation, character, and power.

You may not have much you could point to in terms of direct revelation about your identity or purpose that the Spirit of God has spoken, either to you or about you to someone else. If you have, we will get back to it in a moment…

If you haven’t, there is still enough generic blessing of your identity and purpose in the Book to start you on or keep you in an awesome life and ministry. To begin accessing those words and sort them out for the ones that you want to wear and live¬† by, you really don’t need any more faith than Gideon had when an angel appeared to him and greeted him with, “Hail, valiant warrior!” I imagine him turning to see who was behind him whom the angel could be talking to.

Look for the declarations in the Book that are made over all of God’s people, or His sons, or those whom He has called. Looking at every promise made by God in the Bible is likely to be misleading. You don’t want to connect with the end promised to unclean spirits who fought against Michael and his angels, for example. The curses promised to those who don’t obey the entire law perfectly are as connected to obedience to the laws given through Moses as the blessings are, for another example. Stay away from those promises.

Matthew 5:10 is a word of the Lord that the Kingdom of heaven belongs to those who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness. Paul wrote to the churches in Galatia (3:27-29) that those who were baptized into Christ have clothed themselves with Christ. If we are Christ’s, we are descendants of Abraham, and therefore, we will inherit the things Abraham left in his estate. There are many more.

If you do have more specific words, they should be preserved in writing or some method, and prayed over and expected. Become who they say you are. Be prepared to do what they say are your purposes. Submit yourself to the word of the Lord and let it make you into who He says you are. Don’t leave the earth before it is complete.