Supplying Your Part

In Ephesians 4, Paul was describing a mature picture of the church, and gave advice and prophetic announcement about how to get to that position and condition of maturity. In verse 16, he wrote that Jesus is the source of the Life that enables and motivates the Body to growth – building itself up in love as each part does its part.

Every believer has an important ministry. Some don’t seem important in comparison to others, but the place of having grown into maturity that makes the Body able to finally stand as an appropriate Bride for Christ is not just the passage of time and a final explosion into completion. That place is reached by the proper work of each part. If any work is missing, the work will not be completed.

If you don’t know your part yet, yesterday was a good day to check on it. Ask Him. He wants you to know and to be successful at your purpose. He died to make it be within your reach. Just as His work was food and drink to Him, yours will be to you (John 4).