Guard Your Supply Lines

Imagine that you were in the rush to steal land from native Americans on April 22, 1889 in the area now called the state of Oklahoma. At noon on that day, thousands of people on foot, horseback, or in wagons were lined at the borders of the territory waiting on that moment to be released into the race to stake a claim on a square mile of land, given freely to those who would file their claims and settle on the plot.

Many “sooners” were illegally already in the territory, camped on the sites they had taken time to find and “pre”claim. The “boomers” were usually unsuccessful in winning disputes with these people, who were mostly US deputy marshals or railroad employees. People generally had two days’ supplies with them: enough to keep them while guarding their property until a claim could be registered, but not so much as to slow them down in the race for the best land plots. After the initial time, more supplies were needed.

When an invading army is passing through an area, they either need supply lines following them or they need to steal or purchase large amounts of supplies from locals. One reason the Roman empire coined money was to facilitate supplying their armies. By requiring that taxes be paid in Roman coins, they motivated locals to trade needed supply items with Roman soldiers in exchange for the coins. The more food and other items could be found locally, the less need for costly supply lines to support troops over difficult distances.

You need spiritual supplies. Remember how Jesus told His disciples that He had food and drink they didn’t know about when they went to town for falafel, leaving Him to talk to the woman at the well. Just as He did, you need food and drink that doesn’t strengthen your flesh, but your spirit.

Supply lines being compromised cost some nations many important battles in World War II. The enemies of your soul are knowledgeable about how to clutter your calendar and clock to the point that you are short on supplies from heaven that come from spending time there in the spirit.

Times of prayer, time spend in studying, memorizing, or meditating on things Yahweh has said, time spent discussing spiritual things with mature believers; these and other disciplines are supply lines that we need to protect in order to keep our spiritual cupboard stocked with items that we need for strength and with materials we need for building or maintaining.