The Strength to Obey

You can’t become a disciple of Jesus without being disciplined. If that seems too harsh, or too inconsiderate of possibilities, change the format to the one James used: “Show me your faith without works.”; show me a disciple who found themselves in the position of being one by some path other than discipline.

Discipline and disciple are forms of the same idea. Discipline has many meanings, though. It is used to describe self-control, imposed control, punishment, a system of thought, a process for making a student or follower more mature in a fellowship or other order, and more.

If you want to be a mature disciple of Jesus, He is leading you through a process of becoming. The process includes powerful influences – both those that enable and change you into His likeness, and those that resist pain and work and change and surrender.

Learn what your weaknesses are and find how He wants to use or eliminate them. It could be either… Learn what His strengths are, and which He wants to work in you, and which He wants to leave you dependent on His presence to provide. It could be either…

The dangerous environments of trusting Him completely, surrendering your future and your possessions to Him completely, and being frequently led to obey without complete revelation of the costs or details are the absolutely best places to find His discipline, and His power to obey Him and to  be changed into His likeness.

It is God Who works in you both to want to do what He wants you to do, and to become able to do what He calls you to do. Your surrender to that work pleases Him and makes you fruitful (Philippians 2:12,13).