Entering the Kingdom, or Going to Heaven

Being confused about the nature and of the manifestations of the Kingdom of Heaven, many have effectively closed the doors of the Kingdom to those who want to enter it. By not having knowledge that could open the doors, they have left them closed and hidden.

Jesus promised a curse of woes to lawyers who were doing this in Luke 11:52.

Issues related to the future include whether I will live eternally in the blessing of Jesus’ presence, whether I will receive reward or judgement for the manner of life I have lived in the earth, whether I will be involved in the business of ruling in the Kingdom of Heaven with Jesus, what my work with regard to building the Church produces when it is tested by fire, and whether my mission as a servant of God in my time on the earth earns a “Well done” from my King.

Some of these are related to identity and life, and some are related to work. Learn the keys to these truths so that you are unlocking doors to people around you.

The answers are in the Book. Its an open-Book test.