Making New

Take some courage from the fact that if you are in the earth to innovate (bring something new), you will not get to enjoy the benefit of the American proverb related to receiving justice – you will not be innocent until proven guilty.

Take courage from that, by preparing for the fact that in most cases, especially among the religious, your new idea will be resisted, or scoffed at, or persecuted. You will be wrong until your children prove you right (Luke 7:33-35.) The less you are looking for approval and fruit, the less you will be dis-couraged by this adversity. The more you are focused on and attentive to being obedient to your calling, the more you are protected from the doubters and accusers.

Sometimes it truly is not until after a seed drops to the ground dead that it can begin to bear fruit. Prior to death, it only had a promise.

In all you do, acknowledge – be mindful toward – Jesus your King. Be more attentive to the sense of the Spirit leading or correcting. The test of obedience will not be graded by your peers.