I Do Not Remember

Yesterday I was thinking I should share here a word on forgiveness by Francis Frangipane, one of my heroes. I decided that next time he shared it in his blog I would pick it up and put it in mine that day. He shared it this morning! I added his link to get the book it’s in for half price if that seems good to you. I’ve handed out a few cases of them.

Let me share an experience. A certain man of God had been gifted with revelatory insight into people’s lives. During an evening service he ministered to a Presbyterian pastor and his wife. By the gift of the Spirit, he revealed the couple’s past, uncovered their present situation, and then disclosed to them what was to come. This work of God greatly impressed the couple, and as the prophecies were fulfilled, one month later the Presbyterian minister brought two other pastors, each with their wives, to another service for personal ministry.

The word of knowledge was exceptionally sure that night, and the second minister and his wife marveled at the accuracy and truth in the prophetic word. The third couple stepped forward for ministry, and again the word of knowledge was present. The prophet spoke to the husband, revealing his past, present, and insight into his future. Then the man of God turned to this third minister’s wife. As he began to speak of her past, suddenly he paused. Then he said, “There was a very serious sin in your past.” The woman, with her worst fear upon her, turned pale and closed her eyes. The congregation hushed and moved to the edge of their seats.

The prophet continued, “And I asked the Lord, ‘What was this sin that she committed?’ And the Lord answered, ‘I do not remember!

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Making New

Take some courage from the fact that if you are in the earth to innovate (bring something new), you will not get to enjoy the benefit of the American proverb related to receiving justice – you will not be innocent until proven guilty.

Take courage from that, by preparing for the fact that in most cases, especially among the religious, your new idea will be resisted, or scoffed at, or persecuted. You will be wrong until your children prove you right (Luke 7:33-35.) The less you are looking for approval and fruit, the less you will be dis-couraged by this adversity. The more you are focused on and attentive to being obedient to your calling, the more you are protected from the doubters and accusers.

Sometimes it truly is not until after a seed drops to the ground dead that it can begin to bear fruit. Prior to death, it only had a promise.

In all you do, acknowledge – be mindful toward – Jesus your King. Be more attentive to the sense of the Spirit leading or correcting. The test of obedience will not be graded by your peers.


Right, Wrong, or Righteous

One effect of Adam and Eve eating fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was that they were deceived into believing that they could know good from evil, and right from wrong, apart from God revealing these things to them. Just as all people were cursed with death by being children of Adam, we all have received this curse of trying to be independent of God for the knowledge of good and evil.

When God told Adam and Eve not to eat of the one tree, which He called the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, He told them that they could eat of the rest of the trees, including the Tree of Life. He could have named these two trees the Tree of Death and the Tree of Life. I believe that He didn’t refer to them this plainly so that He could emphasize the fact that both the knowledge of good and the knowledge of evil that come from the Tree of Death are deadly.

Paul taught the congregations in Rome that the law God gave Moses to make a covenant with Israel and cause them to become a nation was given so that humans could be convicted of sin. Please read Romans chapters 5 through 8 (at least 5:20 and 7:7-10).

The law was not given to gentiles, and the law was not given to Israel so that they would become righteous by learning right from wrong through it. God has given us His Spirit to teach us His righteousness ways.

On Learning

It makes me marvel and meditate when I again notice the teaching habits Jesus seemed to have and compare them to the teaching systems we employ to produce servants of God.

His style included living with the teacher. Frequently, He seemed to send His apprentices out to accomplish things they didn’t yet understand, and taught them about their mistakes when they returned with genuine, encounter-based questions. When their tours looked to me like a failure in Luke 9, He sent them and 70 more out in Luke 10. It didn’t seem to be remedial – it looked like promotion.

You learn to ride a bike by getting hurt on days. What you read about others riding bikes in books probably won’t help much. What you gain through the experience stays with you.

Under good teaching, you may learn, but you can’t grow without practice and exercise of the knowledge. For further reading on the idea click here…