The New Testing

Your days of asking, “Will this be on the test?” so that you can decide what to invest your energy in may be over.

Now, the test may be that you weren’t ready for that person you could have offered blessing to if you had prepared. It may be that you don’t see the test or the score until the time comes that John saw in what we call Revelation 20:11-13. The test may come in the form of a circle on your map, that you keep travelling in until you get that lesson and can move on.

Now, you must discern what’s important and should be studied based on what the Spirit of your Rabbi says you need in order to be ready for what’s next. Some times, it is inescapable, like a lion or bear preparing you for your encounter with Goliath. Other days, you get to decide if you want to stay in the tenth grade forever or not. Your choice, extracted from your response to a new opportunity to serve more in a way that costs more, or to choose service over comfort, may be what settles your advancement or stagnation.

Start and end your days with interviews with your Wonderful Counselor, Who wants to advise you constantly about your curriculum. He knows what you need, and would be happy to administer your preparation for it.

You need to pay attention and ask lots of questions. Sit on the front row. Stay after class. (Exodus 33:7-11)