Ishmael is Annoying

Yahweh told Abraham that he would have a son. Many years went by. Being very smart, Sarah knew that it was not possible for her to have the promised son, so she thought up a way that it was possible – Hagar could bear the son, and Sarah could raise it.

When the promise was finally realized, and Sarah herself bore a son, it became clear that having Ishmael had been a mistake. He began to annoy and torment Isaac. Sarah made Abraham throw Ishmael out of the camp. Since Abraham loved his son Ishmael, this was painful.

When we are not patient to see Yahweh do the impossible because it takes too long, and we think up a way to make the promise work out, we are likely creating an Ishmael. It will be painful to throw him out when the genuine appears. If he is allowed to stay, he will destroy the genuine. Like King Herod tried to do regarding Jesus the King.

Don’t settle for easy, or possible, or early, or anything else that is short of the painful, late, impossible way Yahweh chooses to accomplish what He has promised. Just listen and be awesome.