Sanctified Vision

In John 4, Jesus saw Samaria as a field ready to be harvested. The disciples who were with Him saw a food market. The woman at the well made no sense to them.

In Luke 9, Jesus saw Samaria as a place to rest on His way to Jerusalem. Because the locals refused Him hospitality, James and John saw a crowd deserving damnation, and asked for permission to call fire from God to accomplish it.

In Acts 8, Philip saw Samaria as a field ready to be harvested. Two events empowered him to receive that harvest.

One was the ministry of the apostles to him when they laid their hands on him to sanctifiy him with 6 other young Helenistic Jews to deliver food to widows who were being discriminated against by the Hebraic Jews who were supposed to be taking care of them. When they touched them and blessed him, the Holy Spirit gave them spiritual gifts .

The second event was the persecution that broke out after the murder of Stephen, which caused believers to be thrust into ministry and the apostles to be held back from ministry.

Stephen was described in the beginning of Acts 6 as “full of faith and the Holy Spirit.” After the apostles laid hands on him and prayed, Luke described him as “full of grace and power.”

Lord, open our eyes and our hearts and our doors! Give us grace and power. Give us the harvest.

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