Other Languages

If you haven’t read any of Dr. Gary Chapman’s material on what he calls the “Five Love Languages,” I think you should.

His premise includes the idea that we think and feel in different languages, and therefore interpret others’ words and actions through the filters of our language. If they speak in a different language from the one we listen in, we won’t understand what they are saying or doing. The situation could keep us from feeling loved even though someone is pouring their life out to try to prove their love for us.

The concept works in many other areas of life. We frequently don’t understand each other because I’m speaking my language and you’re listening in yours. There are male / female mismatches, geographically based culture mismatches, national and racial barriers, and actual language walls.

If you have something you want to say to someone, or if you want to ask someone to do something, it will make your mission more likely to succeed if you do all you can to present the ideas to them in their own language. Place the request in their worldview or values system.

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