One is Too Big


I had a short discussion recently with one of Joseph Smith’s tribe (a Mormon) about “the Trinity.”

He has been taught that Adam created the world we live in. Jesus is his Son. The Holy Spirit is not a person, but more like a breath. A mysterious influence, like the Christmas spirit. Other gods in other worlds muddy the water quite a bit. If the young man plays his earthly life cards right, he’ll be a god one day too.

He wanted to hear my thoughts on the Trinity. I shared that the concept is bigger than the space between my ears. When someone tells me that they have it figured out and explain it to me, I weigh other things they say more carefully…

My standard challenge to people who “understand” how Jesus and Father and Spirit are One is to quiz them about what term they will use to describe what Jesus promised at the last supper – that we will be one with Him just like He is One with the Father.

Just    like  …  

We are going to be One with Father and Spirit and Jesus. Just like they are One with each Other.

Brace up for even greater Awesomeness you can’t understand.


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