Joy In Forgiveness

Suppose you were authorized to travel through the nation forgiving debts. Jubilee style.

Imagine if the American federal government had given indebted people the trillion dollars a few years ago, empowering them to pay off their debts,  instead of to the corporations who were being rewarded for poor business decisions.

When someone sins against you, it is a wondrous opportunity to let mercy triumph over judgment – to overcome evil with good. Their indebtedness, that was acquired by them when they harmed you, was covered in a government debt eradication program.

The Kingdom of God is the very scandalously generous government . The program is called The Cross of Jesus. The debts are paid in blood.

When you find someone who is buried in debt, don’t fail to introduce them to the program. Help them through the process . Especially if any of their debt was acquired by sinning against you. What a privilege getting that debt paid will be!

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