When you are offering ministry to someone, if you could make them more comfortable by offering them a seat or a drink of water, it would be good to add that blessing.

Two other things that comfort almost anyone, though almost no one realizes it, are touching and mimicking.

If you touch a person’s forearm for a few seconds, the results for almost anyone include making them more accepting of you, your suggestions, your blessing. Physical touch increases emotional acceptance, increasing space for faith to work.

Mimicking works even more powerfully. If I am standing with my arms crossed, and you cross your arms, part of my brain recognizes the match of you being “like me” and it causes me to be more receptive to your suggestions and requests, because it increases my comfort level.

As you consider using these ideas, or try them out, remember that influence that intends to control is witchcraft. Influence that we offer should be with the intention of liberating.

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