Not Many Fathers

In John 15:16, Jesus informed His listeners that He had appointed them, ordained them, set them in place, to bear much fruit, and that their fruit should remain. They should have their thumbprints on lives that cause their own character, their giftings, their work, to continue after they were gone by residing in the followers’ lives.

In 1 Corinthians 4, Paul was writing a warning starting in verse 14 regarding his relationship with them and his hopes about its effect on their work and behavior. In the discourse, he prompted them that they were his children. He intended to come to them, to bless them, and to impart power to them. He intended to test their power.

Look for the people to whom the King has called you to be something of a parent. Pray that you may impart to them the power of the Kingdom, and not just words. Pray that they are blessed to take your discoveries and achievements and build on them so that the body of Christ is built up by what they learn to supply each other in love.

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