New Tech

I have just become eligible for a new telephone from Verizon. If I bite the bait and get a new phone, I will shop for the phone that does what I like done. My phone is really a pocket computer that happens to also work as a telephone…

I will then complain silently for a while as I find the new places where buttons and apps are. Soon, though, I will be spoiled by the new level of technology and speed. I just replaced the desktop computer that Hurricane Matthew destroyed. All the hours spent finding my documents and pictures and reloading software for the programs I use were rewarded by giving me a new level of tech – twice as fast as the replaced computer.

Before getting the replacement, I used an old computer from my shop to connect the hard drive from the crippled computer, to be sure I still had my saved data. I was first surprised, then annoyed, at how much slower that old computer was than the one I had grown accustomed to. It made the new computer seem even faster.

We need to be as easily spoiled by new levels of Kingdom access – greater power, greater authority, greater miracles. If you have seen anything of the power and authority and the miraculous manifestations of the Kingdom of Heaven in the earth, never revert to the speed or capability of the previous levels you have seen.

Every day – take more ground; study to show yourself as approved; find Jesus in greater clarity; speak with greater authority and faith. Get spoiled by new levels of the Kingdom.

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