Better Than Last Week

Almost everything can be improved on.

Increased vocabulary. Improved use of simple communication. Not needing spell check. My attitude toward people I don’t trust. Violin skills. Time intentionally set aside for important things. And important people. Driving habits. New glasses prescription.

If I’m not a little better at something than I was last week, and a lot better than last year, I might not care enough. Caring about the harvest, and individuals and nations being swept into it can give me the power to care about lots of smaller things. Caring about things related to the Kingdom will empower me to care more about the right things related to the church.

Don’t get lazy. Don’t get tired. Get filled with the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead and be raised with Him to the high places, where your perspective can be improved. From where He sits, you can see better what’s around you and what’s ahead.

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