The Presence of a Warrior

In Acts 27, the Spirit of God gave a ship captain and a soldier proper warning that going to sea at the moment was stepping into an enemy’s trap (vs 10 & 11). They valued the captain’s experience more than revelation, and proceeded to sail off. Soon, they were sailing way off.

In spite of the fierceness of the storm, in spite of the refusal of the leaders to honor the revelation, Yahweh saved them because Paul had faith, and he was on a mission. Because of his faith – full presence, the entire crew was saved, and the inhabitants of the island where they crashed were saved.

When you’re surrounded by enemies and warfare, the outcome should not be that you die for your neighbors’ doubt and fear. They should live for your faith and courage and purpose.

Be strong, and very courageous, because Yahweh your God is with you.


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