Looking for the Kingdom Instead

When Yahweh encountered the people who were building a tower at Babel, He noticed immediately that they were looking for some alternative to His Kingdom in the earth. He is a King, from everlasting to everlasting, so that’s always what He is noticing.

His response was engineered to empower them to obey His instructions to fill the earth. He divided them into tribes and nations.

He didn’t divide them into kingdoms. They worked that out. They allowed pride and greed and fear of loss to turn them into enemies. They wanted to rule over each other rather than letting Yahweh rule over them.

When someone walks up to us who has the “wrong” hairstyle or clothes or Bible translation or music or accent, we immediately try to pack them into a “those people” box and distance ourselves from them.

Let’s look past the Babel on them and look for the King in them or near them and ask Him how align ourselves to help build what He’s building.

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