Inner And Outer Resistance

We have enemies who are devoted to robbing us of courage, truth and success. Identifying them and their habits and learning to discern their deception will greatly improve our likelihood of being effective in our attempts to hear and then obey our King.

The resistance that is at work in us may be more powerful and more destructive than what stands in front of us, though. We usually defend it instead of rooting it out.

Laziness masquerading as patience, fear masquerading as tolerance, and hundreds of other weak spots in our character can cripple us without the assistance of any enemy.

Our travels through the desert between our call and our success include events and opportunities designed to expose pride and lusts and bitterness and the rest – so that we recognize them and acknowledge them. The point is to overcome them.

Refresh your memory with a search of the Scriptures for the promises made to overcomers. Let it inSpire you to value every difficulty and challenge.

Be free – inside and outside. Be awesome.

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