The Better Fear

Fear leads us away from revelation and from leaping into greatness and from invention.

Except the fear of the Lord.

It is the beginning of wisdom. It is the beginning of knowledge. It gives me the courage to draw near the Face from which the words blazed that became all the stars in the universe as one Breath.

Jesus has only once been seen seated as Judge – in a vision of the future poured out before John. When He was revealed that way, the earth and heaven tried to flee from the awe they were drowning in. They couldn’t flee, though.

Having a relationship with Him is like standing on the sun. And it is like being 5 and held by your parent when you just lived through something that took the lives of your friends.

Step into the furnace of agape that has been heated 7 times hotter than what can be measured and let Him know you. Let Him have all of your heart and all your mind and all your future.

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