Your Tank Size

Many fish have the interesting characteristic of their size being controlled by the size of their environment.

A fish that stops growing at a length of 4 inches in a 20 gallon tank might continue to grow until it is 8 inches long in a 100 gallon tank. In a small pond, it may reach a foot in length.

As believers, we grow to the limits of our revelation about who our God is, who He says we are, and what we perceive about our purposes. People who stop looking for deeper understanding in those 3 areas of revelation stop growing.

How big is your tank?

Find the ocean.

What You Said

Your words are full of power. Even when you are not full of faith.

Your words are working hard even when you are not paying much attention to what you are saying. Maybe the less work you do praying and thinking before you speak, the more work your words can do. It takes much less effort to tear down than to build up.

Your words are pushing people away or drawing them closer. Encouraging or discouraging. Blessing or cursing.

Pray. Think. Bless. Love.

Being Led

Fear cannot lead to revelation of truth. (I am not referring to “fear of the Lord”)

Fear almost always leads to deception.

The fruit of the Spirit is in the path to revelation of truth. Also, the fruit of the Spirit is in the path to the proper application of truth.


Most conversations seem to be two people waiting for each other to shut up so they can talk.

Listening is more expensive than fine china, apparently. It requires patience, peace, and on days even agape! I know a couple who each want to be in control so badly, who distrust each other’s judgement so much, that they finish most of each other’s sentences to prevent mistakes.

If I really have something important to say, I should want to know you well enough to know how to say it in your language – on your terms – see it make sense in your world.

If I really have something valuable to say, I want you to be in the Spirit so you don’t miss it. That kind of intention and mission means today might not be the day.

I sat in my dad’s yard for half an hour or more a week for months praying that when I had supper with my parents that night I would get to lead them to faith in Jesus for salvation. One night, after the meal, Dad said, “Douglas, I hear people talking about being ‘born again.’ What’s that mean?”

That night, he got it.

Your Recent Post

Every time you respond to a situation that has ethical implications, if your response is in public, it can have the effect of having been posted on your facebook page:

It has entered the news feed of the observers. They judge the event, may make comments, share it if they like it, share it if they don’t like it, and because you are in the Family Group with Jesus, it gets automatically posted on His page, too, as if He was tagged in your post.

We are all tagged in each other’s posts. Play pretty!

Agree With Yahweh

Some things can’t be fixed. Even in those situations, Yahweh has a plan that includes a list of “next steps.” Agreeing with Him regarding the validity of those steps is your best option for doing well in your life.

Joshua and Caleb were clever enough to agree with Him when He announced His impossible plan to invade Palestine with a gang of freshly freed Egyptian slaves. That agreement caused their rewards to be the leaders of the invasion with a gang of kids who grew up in the desert.

Jesus was so agreeable with the desires of Yahweh that He actually became “yes” and “amen” to those desires as His reward.

You, too, can be successful in Yahweh’s plans! He wants you to know what He wants. He wants you to agree with Him about how awesome His plans are. He wants to reward you for joining His work. His rewards program is wondersful!


From Yahweh’s perspective, our enemies are not here to destroy us. They are here to show us what we don’t want to be. They are here to strengthen us in our resolve to serve the King.

If we trust Him to lead us even in the most dangerous place of the liberty of His cloud and His pillar of fire, we will be the astonishing people He called to be: His Kingdom of Priests, the Nation that is Set-Apart to Yahweh, and a weird and wondersful Treasure that He loves above all things.

We will be inside the House with the King when He arrives in the dark time and the Party starts.

(from How to Use the Bible, which can be read or downloaded by clicking here)

Teach Your Children

One of the “Seven Mountains of Influence” on human cultures around the planet is the Family.

People are beginning to grasp that most believers are called to ministry outside the jobs that fit inside congregations. Many congregations are beginning to equip people for their ministries in business, education, government, arts & entertainment, and media & communication. The other two “mountains” are the family and religion.

Yahweh was equipping Israel’s families for their ministries of influencing culture when He gave instructions such as this, in Exodus 13:8 –  And you shall tell your son in that day, saying, ‘This is done because of what the Lord did for me when I came up from Egypt.’

Note – the parents were to tell their children, “This is… what the Lord did for me…” Share your experiences and encounters with your children and your neighbors’ children and influence the culture for generations.