Job’s Captivity

Who held Job captive?

In literal translations of Job 42:10 (Young’s, KJV), the Lord “turned Job’s captivity.” It seems to have been a common figurative phrase, though, that implied the return of lost fortunes or restoration of property, so translations that aren’t as literal usually translate the phrase that way – “the LORD restored his prosperity.”

Either way, the text of Job makes it clear that Job’s God started the fight that caused Job’s family members and fortune to be lost (Job 1:8). As the story unfolds, it is clear that Yahweh kept giving satan more liberty against Job’s property and health. Then, Job’s friends showed up, insulting and accusing him, and Job’s wife gave him the questionalbly valuable advice to kill himself.

Without regard for whether we can understand Yahweh, there is no excuse for not trusting Him. Because Job did, and because his response to his friends’ harrassment was to intercede for them, Yahweh blessed him with twice what was stolen from him (stolen with Yahweh’s permission).

When you discover that you have been imprisoned by a situation or a group of adversaries or by loss, let your first guess about what is going on include the presumption that your Father already knew about it before you did. Also, presume that He intends to bless you through the difficulty, not just in spite of it.

Don’t fear your enemies – bless them. They are not in control. The control is balanced between your heart and Yahweh’s. Ask Him what He is doing and cooperate with what He shows you.

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