Grow Faster

In nature, created things are in both processes of life and of death.

Skin is being replaced constantly. Water-based blood and other fluids are bringing nutrition to cells and washing waste out of cells. Hormones tell our bodies and they tell plants when to grow in what ways.

Basil plants will grow more and more stems and ┬áleaves until one day they produce a hormone that says, “make flowers.” Bugs and birds move pollen from one basil flower to another, fertilizing the process of making seeds. When the plant has made seeds, it stops making any hormones, and dies, so that the seeds will dry and fall to the ground and reproduce by growing more basil plants. If you start pinching the flowers off as they appear, they will continually reappear. If they are never allowed to produce seeds, the plants will continue to produce leaves and attempt to produce flowers. I want to eat leaves, so I pinch flowers.

Our souls (heart, mind, will, emotion) need to grow to maturity. We mature in soul by becoming better at responding to situations and people with the character of Jesus, which is found in the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22,23). The more quickly we respond with the fruit, the more we are manifesting Life. We need to continually pinch off the flowers that will lead to death: the works of the flesh (Galatians 5:16-21).

Our spirits don’t die, though. Our spirits, born of God in His image and with His nature, are the sources of our strength in our hearts and minds. The fruit of the Spirit are like hormonal input through our spirits that give our souls the strength to keep growing.

You are always both growing and dying in your flesh and in your soul. Grow faster than you die. Every difficult situation is an opportunity to access a booster of life by letting His Spirit work in you to respond to it with Life. If you respond with death instead, you weaken and start to succumb to death.

The Better Fear

Fear leads us away from revelation and from leaping into greatness and from invention.

Except the fear of the Lord.

It is the beginning of wisdom. It is the beginning of knowledge. It gives me the courage to draw near the Face from which the words blazed that became all the stars in the universe as one Breath.

Jesus has only once been seen seated as Judge – in a vision of the future poured out before John. When He was revealed that way, the earth and heaven tried to flee from the awe they were drowning in. They couldn’t flee, though.

Having a relationship with Him is like standing on the sun. And it is like being 5 and held by your parent when you just lived through something that took the lives of your friends.

Step into the furnace of agape that has been heated 7 times hotter than what can be measured and let Him know you. Let Him have all of your heart and all your mind and all your future.

Preparing for Tabernacles

Three big feasts on Yahweh’s calendar were Passover, First Fruits, and Tabernacles.

Jesus fulfilled Passover by being sacrificed as the Lamb for our household. The Holy Spirit fulfilled First Fruits (Pentecost) by anointing believers as the beginning of the time of harvest.

We are tilling, planting, watering, and at some point in time will be harvesting new believers as they turn to Jesus and are born of God.

Ask the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into the harvest. Pray for the harvest to be plentiful. Pray for us to be successful at our part. Pray that the nations will be gathered to Jesus as His inheritance during the fulfillment of Tabernacles.

An Inheritance

Elisha did twice as much supernatural stuff as Elijah, because Elijah took him as a son and blessed him as he left the earth.

Jesus ordained you to bear much fruit, including fruit that remains.

Don’t raise your sons and daughters to take up the management of the family business. Raise them up to create what should be built on your life and instill in them the value of blessing what comes after them.


Othniel – Fruit That Remained

In John 15:16, Jesus told His disciples that He had ordained them to bear much fruit, including fruit that would “remain.” Fruit from an apple tree is an apple. Fruit that remains from an apple tree is another apple tree.

In Judges 3:7-11, Caleb’s nephew Othniel (“Lion of God”) was described as having been empowered by Yahweh to be the first of the Judges He gave to Israel to lead them. Othniel’s leadership provided rest to the nation for forty years.

He was prepared in the desert and influenced by Caleb to have powerful and successful purpose in the land of promise. His work was fruit from Caleb’s life that remained.


Designer and Creator of the universe has given you a sanctified dissatisfaction with regard to something.

Something is happening that shouldn’t be; something should be happening but isn’t; something is scarce but should be plentiful.

Finding that target and aiming your whole life and all your resources at it is the path to Satisfaction. He has burdened you with it because you are present to change it.

Find something to read about Amy Carmichael. She found the Target and pierced it with her life. He satisfied her with success.

Clearly Supernatural

In Acts chapter 4, the Sanhedrin made a response to the healing of the lame man at the beautiful gate by Peter and John in chapter 3.

Sanhedrin is a compound word from ‘sit’ and ‘together’. The rulers of Israel met as a Sanhedrin to make and enforce rules.

They decided that the miraculous healing was undeniable, but that it was dangerous because it was out of their control. To prevent the spread of the uncontrollable work of the Spirit, they tried to control the disciples.

Modern rulers want to deny the uncontrollable Spirit and His work, and imprison anyone who won’t be intimidated by their threats and insults.

Submitting to them is not equal to submitting to God. Don’t be bound. Be awesome.

Job’s Captivity

Who held Job captive?

In literal translations of Job 42:10 (Young’s, KJV), the Lord “turned Job’s captivity.” It seems to have been a common figurative phrase, though, that implied the return of lost fortunes or restoration of property, so translations that aren’t as literal usually translate the phrase that way – “the LORD restored his prosperity.”

Either way, the text of Job makes it clear that Job’s God started the fight that caused Job’s family members and fortune to be lost (Job 1:8). As the story unfolds, it is clear that Yahweh kept giving satan more liberty against Job’s property and health. Then, Job’s friends showed up, insulting and accusing him, and Job’s wife gave him the questionalbly valuable advice to kill himself.

Without regard for whether we can understand Yahweh, there is no excuse for not trusting Him. Because Job did, and because his response to his friends’ harrassment was to intercede for them, Yahweh blessed him with twice what was stolen from him (stolen with Yahweh’s permission).

When you discover that you have been imprisoned by a situation or a group of adversaries or by loss, let your first guess about what is going on include the presumption that your Father already knew about it before you did. Also, presume that He intends to bless you through the difficulty, not just in spite of it.

Don’t fear your enemies – bless them. They are not in control. The control is balanced between your heart and Yahweh’s. Ask Him what He is doing and cooperate with what He shows you.

Being Hungry

Yahweh wants us to hunger and thirst – for righteousness, for His presence, for the fulfillment of our destinies.

At any time that He sees us struggling with that process, stuck in satisfaction instead of hunger, the desert is always the perfect place to help us get hungry and thirsty.

Take advantage of the invitation when you receive it.