Seeing the Poor

Matthew 26:6-13

When Jesus was drawing near His sacrifice, He was anointed by a woman with an expensive perfumed ointment. His disciples complained that the value of the ointment was wasted on Jesus and should have been used to give some provision to the local poor.

Jesus’ answer included the information that poor people would always be around. Until the Judgement, there will also always be sick among us. And demonized people. And unbelievers who need to be evangelized.

Looking around at all the needs of people in order to decide what ministry needs to be done will not lead us into the Kingdom. Listening to the King about what He wants us to do next will.

We should not do anything on our own. Only what we see the King doing. Then we will have light burdens and easy yokes and successful ministry.

And the King will be glorified and honored.

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