Waiting for Approval

I quite dangerously advise anyone who has respect for me to learn to know the voice of their Shepherd, and be gracious in response to advice that differs from His instructions, but nonetheless, to refuse it.

No one would have given Jonathan good advice on the day he attacked the Philistines alone with his armor bearer and saved Israel from them (1 Samuel 14). Nobody gave David good advice on the day he saved Israel from the Philistines by killing Goliath (1 Samuel 17).

He will not call everyone to lead alone against a well-armed force of demonized idol worshipers. He will not call everyone to give away everything they own and launch out to find exactly where the end of the earth is.

If He does, however, happen to call you to such exploits, don’t ask advice of people who love safety and comfort and the approval of men. It will likely be bad advice.

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